Kids on the Path – School Labyrinth Guide

“Kids on the Path” School Labyrinth Guide

“Kids On The Path” is a comprehensive guide to bringing labyrinths to a school. It includes a manual by Marge McCarthy, lesson plans and classroom Ideas edited by Cheryl Andrews, plus a labyrinth construction workbook by Cheryl Andrews.

Here is Marge McCarthy, co-founder of the Labyrinth Resource Group, describing how labyrinths can be used in schools:

NOTE: Only “Part 1 – Manual” of the School Labyrinth Guide can be downloaded from this web site. For the complete Guide and DVD see information for ordering “Kids on the Path.”

Download the Manual consisting of detailed steps for creating a labyrinth program. To download, open each document, then hover your curser over the bottom middle part of the page and several icons will appear. Click the icon with the downward pointing arrow, which will download the file to the downloads folder on your computer.