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Labyrinths, an archetype of the journey

Little did Dorothy know, when she set off down the Yellow Brick Road, that she was following the archetype of the labyrinth. With its many twists and turns, leading towards the center and then moving away, the labyrinth evokes the nature of our life’s journey. To enter into the labyrinth is to enter symbolically into the space of the known/unknown – to journey into one’s self. Unlike a maze, with confusing paths that often lead nowhere, labyrinths take a single path to the center and then out again.

Labyrinths are a form of sacred geometry. They exist in many cultures, with a long history which goes back at least 4,000 years. They are often built in sacred places, sometimes aligned with energy centers or lines. Labyrinths have enjoyed a renaissance and today are used in many settings, from private homes to places such as hospitals, parks and prisons. They can be permanent, temporary or portable. Walking the labyrinth engages a person on many levels and helps to stimulate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Each journey is individual; there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.

Enjoy the journey!

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Labyrinths in Santa Fe

Public Labyrinths

All labyrinths are in Santa Fe unless otherwise noted. Please respect property owners’ guidelines around using the labyrinths.

Aldea Community Labyrinth – Near Vista Precioso in the community of Aldea – Chartres style labyrinth – River stones and gravel.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi –131 Cathedral Place in downtown Santa Fe, to the left as you’re facing Cathedral, on the terrace – Chartres style – Cut stone pavement – Wheelchair accessible (there is a ramp to the terrace) – Open all hours.

Christ Lutheran Church –1701 Arroyo Chamiso Road between Old Pecos Trail and St. Michaels Drive – Modified Chartres style seven circuit – Stones on the earth – Open all hours.

Frenchy’s Field – Agua Fria Road at Osage Avenue  – Classical – Raised earth – Open during park hours.

Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center – Abiquiu, NM (about 50 miles from Santa Fe) – Stones on the earth –

Museum of International Folk Art – 706 Camino Lejo, on Museum Hill –  Contemporary design – Brick pavers – Wheelchair accessible – Open 8 to 5 every day.

Purple Adobe Lavender Farm – Abiquiu, NM (about 50 miles from Santa Fe) Stones on the earth in the middle of lavender fields – – Open on a seasonal basis.

Railyard Park – 740 Cerrillos Road  –  Brick borders, dirt path – Open all hours (limited parking).

Rancho Viejo – Near Cebolla Mesa and East Saddleback Mesa in the community of Rancho Viejo – Classical seven circuit labyrinth – Stones on the earth.

Santa Fe Community Yoga Center – 826 Camino de Monte Rey – Classical seven circuit labyrinth – Formed of pieces of piňon pine set in the ground.

Stardreaming – 38 Southern Exposure (about 30 minutes from Santa Fe) – Many labyrinths and landscape temples – $22 donation – Reservations required.

St. Bede’s Episcopal Church – 550 W. San Mateo Rd – Stones on the earth.

Unity Church – 1212 Unity Way – Stones on the earth.

Valle del Sol – Loma Entrada and La Mancha Court – Classical style five circuit labyrinth – Stones on the earth.

Zia United Methodist Church – 3368 Governor Miles Road – Stones on the earth.

Personal Labyrinths – Call For Permission And Directions:

Goddess Labyrinth – Cerrillos, NM (about 25 minutes from Santa Fe) – Classical labyrinth in the desert – 505-474-0002.