Labyrinths in Schools

Labyrinths in Schools

A major emphasis of the Labyrinth Resource Group since its inception has been to bring the labyrinth experience to children in Santa Fe. In the 10 elementary schools in which we have organized the building of permanent labyrinths on school grounds, we have worked with the school staff and with the classes to introduce them to the labyrinth and show them how it can be used with children. Children love the labyrinth immediately as they race to the center and out again. Some labyrinth facilitators have used the labyrinth for games or for art, but our emphasis has been on enriching and improving the lives of children. Some kids have used the labyrinth to deal with grief at the loss of a loved one or pet; others have used it for problem solving or conflict resolution; many use it to calm down when they are angry or upset – but all children say they enjoy walking the paths of the labyrinth.

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