In memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and, unfortunately, so many other victims of racism, the following is offered for those walkers (either by foot or with fingers) who wish to focus more on current events in our country:

Remember (as you pause before entering) those who have been harmed over centuries because of racist practices and set an intention. You may wish to reflect on a list of names.

Release (as you walk in)any intolerance you may acknowledge within yourself or your community. Nobody is perfect and change begins with one small step, something you can actually control.

Receive (as you pause in the center) any inspiration to increase peace, tolerance, and invitations of inclusion within your personal practices. The more concrete this is, the better.

Return (as you leave the center) committed to beginning or continuing practices of justice and antiracism that lead to peace. Perhaps you can visualize your actions in your home and neighborhood.

Reflect (as you pause after you have exited) on your walk and anything you may feel that you have learned.

Mary Ann Wamhoff

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