Discover a Labyrinth!

Did you know….?

That labyrinths date from as early as 18,000 BCE. Labyrinths or images of labyrinths have been found in many parts of the world: Egypt, India, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and, in New Mexico, in Galisteo and on the Hopi Mesas. Labyrinths are set into Roman mosaics, on the stone floors of medieval churches and cut into the turf of English village greens.

Today there are thousands of new labyrinths from South Africa to Europe to the U.S. and Canada. People find that they need a time and place to reflect … a chance to step out of the busy-ness of ordinary life … so they can listen to their inner voice. Stepping into the labyrinth and following its twists and turns often provides an opportunity to reflect, to ask questions and to discover answers.

To find a labyrinth near you, click here.

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