Frenchy’s Field

Frenchy’s Field

2001 Agua Fria (Agua Fria and Osage), Santa Fe, NM

Directions: At Agua Fria and Osage Avenue, turn into the parking lot for the park, walk back across the entrance road, stay to the right past the playground and the “barn”, and drop down to the labyrinth.

The Frenchy’s Field labyrinth project was sponsored by the Santa Fe Interfaith Council in 1998. This seven circuit labyrinth is made of adobe or technically speaking “cobb”- clay and straw. It’s an “earthy” labyrinth. This labyrinth needs to be maintained on an annual basis, a process called “mudding.”

Open during park hours.

You Tube “mudding” video

Mudding at Frenchy’s Field
Photo: © Helen Henry, used with permission.