Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

Photo © John L. Pitts, used with permission, all rights reserved.

Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Santa Fe, NM

Directions: From St. Francis Drive and Camino de Monte Rey, go down Monte Rey about 500 feet to a large panel on the left just beyond some trees. The panel shows a circle and the numbers 826. Turn in, go around the first building and the second building and go left to the end of the pavement. The Labyrinth is ahead under the trees.

This small, classical seven circuit labyrinth was built by Michael Hopp and friends. The lines are formed of pieces of  piňon pine set in the ground. In part, this labyrinth is a memorial to the millions of  piňon trees that were killed a few years ago by a combination of drought and insects.