Labyrinth Books Relating to Children

Labyrinth Books Relating to Children

By Hancock, Gael D.
108 Ways to Use Labyrinths in Schools

Labyrinthos 2004

Linda Lantieri (Editor)
Schools With Spirit, Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers

Beacon Press, Boston 2001
A beautiful collection of articles that encourages schools to be “soulfull places of learning where the spiritual dimension is welcomed.” The separation of church and state is discussed.

Rosetta, Lani
Let’s Have a Labyrinth Party

Leihuna Enterprises, 2002
Lots of photographs, drawings, local labyrinths, art, poems.

Rosetta, Lani
Labyrinths for Kids

Leihuna Enterprises, 2001, 2002
Exploring the Construction and Use of Labyrinths as a Tool for Increasing Fine Motor, Visual Perceptual and Gross Motor Skills in the Classroom

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